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Norway Doubles Investment In Renewable Energy By Sovereign Wealth Fund  CleanTechnica

Harbour Air Is Switching Over To 100% Electric Seaplanes  CleanTechnica

Tesla increased its electric car sales in the U.S. in March by 46% year-over-year to 14,625 (InsideEVs’ estimation), despite the reduced federal tax credit and sales ramp-up in Europe/China. --> InsideEVs

Diesel-Killing Alaska Solar Power Company Walks The Green New Deal Walk (#CleanTechnica Interview)  CleanTechnica

Dacia Duster EV Mule Spied Hinting At Brand’s Electric Future  InsideEVs

Tesla Production And Deliveries Graphed Through Q1 2019  InsideEVs

Tesla Model 3 Set New Sales Record In Germany  InsideEVs

Auto Industry Expert In Lean Design, Sandy Munro, Gushes Over Tesla In New Video  CleanTechnica

HiveMind’s Mycelium Technology Can Help Atmospheric Carbon Drawdown  CleanTechnica

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Corridors Of Safety: Urban Transformation In Tanzania’s Capital, Safer Children Mean Better Neighborhoods  CleanTechnica

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Canada’s Climate Is Warming Twice As Fast As Global Average — Canada’s Changing Climate Report (CCCR)  CleanTechnica

Climate Change Is Costing The Air Force Billions  CleanTechnica

Go-Station Building New EV Charging Network  CleanTechnica

Judge Nathan Tells Musk And SEC “Work It Out!”  CleanTechnica

Tesla Model S Has Highest Resale Value Among Luxury Cars In Germany  InsideEVs

Tesla is upgrading Model S/X with new, more efficient electric motors  Electrek.Co

Tesla Model 3 Jumps To #1 In The Netherlands, Among All Cars — #CleanTechnica EV Sales Report  CleanTechnica

Fremont, CA, Fire Station Is First In US With Solar Microgrid  CleanTechnica

Delfast, maker of 380 km range electric bicycle, has a new bike for deliveries  Electrek.Co

Stuttgart, Home Of Porsche & Mercedes, Has Banned Older Diesels — CleanTechnica Report  CleanTechnica

Owners love their @Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrids. Still, some wish it did a few things like the @ChevyElectric Volt. What things? Check out this popular thread.  InsideEVs Forum

Electrek Podcast: Tesla Q1 production and deliveries, Autopilot HW3, Tesla Semi, and more  Electrek.Co

Tesla’s Q1 2019 Definitely Hurt, But Don’t Panic  CleanTechnica

House Dems propose energy storage tax credit, push for clean energy and EV tax incentives  Electrek.Co

30% Fuel Savings When Flying UTC’s Hybrid-Electric Regional Planes (Soon)  CleanTechnica

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Solar and battery-based ‘virtual power plant’ may be green energy answer for LA  Electrek.Co

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Curtiss taking pre-orders for its $60k and 280-mile range Zeus electric motorcycle  Electrek.Co

Tesla unleashes driver warnings from Navigate on Autopilot  Green Car Reports

Mercedes-Benz breaks ground at new battery factory, rallies whole city to help go electric  Electrek.Co

EGEB: New global wind capacity estimates, offshore wind support in New Jersey, and more  Electrek.Co

Faraday Future joint venture to create electric MPV based on FF91  Green Car Reports

More details on "Tesla Network" autonomous rideshare service coming in April 22 webcast  Electrek.Co

Lucid Motors gets real as Saudi funding comes through  Green Car Reports

Tesla's service in Texas is now safe after pressure from owners against weird new bill  Electrek.Co

Review: The $2,495 CSC City Slicker electric motorcycle is one hell of a ride  Electrek.Co

Judge tells Elon Musk and SEC to handle issue over Tesla tweet amongst themselves  Electrek.Co

Tesla Semi prototypes show up at Gigafactory 1 amid production rumors  Electrek.Co

Univ. of Georgia orders 20 Proterra electric buses, will have one of largest e-bus fleets in US  Electrek.Co

Audi e-tron electric SUV gets 204 miles EPA rating, deliveries start in the US next month  Electrek.Co

Save on ecobee smart thermostats from $139 in today's best Green Deals, more  Electrek.Co

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2019 Audi e-tron EPA range revealed: Nothing to brag about, but aiming for the real world?  Green Car Reports

Orkney Islands project is a smart energy 'system of the future' using renewables, batteries, EVs  Electrek.Co

Ford electric SUV could meet 300-mile target, and then some  Green Car Reports

Nio teases sleek ET7 coupe, to include next-generation power system  Green Car Reports

2019 full-size pickup truck mpg champs: Ford vs. Chevy vs. Ram  Green Car Reports

Tesla reports sales down, with China and Europe delivery challenges partly to blame  Green Car Reports

Toyota shores up against electric-car threat, by sharing hybrid tech  Green Car Reports

VW ID Roomzz, Toyota hybrid patents, more grid storage from hydro: Today's Car News  Green Car Reports

Best Electric Vehicle lease deals around      Last updated: March 22 2019  Source

Make, model, Year$/ moMonthsDown + Acq FeeMiles / Yr$ Total$/ mo avgExpiresContact
VW e-Golf SE, 2019$6924$2,9957,500$4,582$190.923/31/19
Chevrolet Volt, 2019$8936$7,59010,000$10,705$297.364/1/19
Chevrolet Bolt EV, 2019$9936$7,59010,000$11,055$307.084/1/19
Nissan LEAF S, 2019$9936$4,40012,000$7,865$218.47
Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid, 2019$19939$3,99510,000$11,557$296.333/31/19
Nissan LEAF SV, 2019$29936$4,99912,000$15,464$429.564/1/19
Toyota Prius Prime, 2019$35936$2,16912,000$14,734$409.274/1/19
BMW 330e, 2018$48936$4,41410,000$21,529$598.034/1/19
BMW 530e, 2019$49436$4,25410,000$21,544$598.443/31/19
Tesla Model 3, 2019$72836$2,50010,000$28,699$797.00-